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Stuff worth reading

Female amputees grapple with prosthetics for men Good examples of how designing for non “default” identities is good for everyone.

A subtle way to over-fit

Roxane Gay: Margaret Sanger, a Women’s Fighter – NYTimes.com

Nancy Drew and the Case of the Slow Program

Brendan Gregg’s great picture of Linux observability tools

It’s Hard to Believe These Are Migraine Symptoms (But They Are)

Health-Care Deductibles Climbing Out of Reach.
“about a quarter of all non-elderly Americans with private insurance coverage do not have sufficient liquid assets to pay even a mid-range deductible.” And that’s a conservative estimate.

Why the Dismal Science Needs a Richer Moral Anthropology
Fascinating read of Adam Smith with discussion of moral philosophy and implications for modern economics

Ferguson an apartheid police state: 21,000 residents have a staggering 16,000 open arrest warrants

Why Lesbians and Gay Men Don’t Share Space.
Gentrification, sexism (e.g. the wage gap), children

Record First: Global CO2 Emissions Went Flat In 2014 While The Economy Grew.
Goooooo China!

McDonald’s sues to block Seattle’s minimum wage
Law only applies to businesses with more than 500 employees, presumably to satisfy the small business community. I say fuck it, wage hikes for everyone. Also, it is really really awful that the courts let the Equal Protection Clause be used like this.