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Expressing opinions by Yang Liu

West vs East | I New Idea Homepage

Government Scientists Created Crude Oil from Algae in Mere Minutes
Yesyesyes! This makes me so hopeful.

Why I’m Against ‘Daddy Days’ We need daddy days because we don’t value “female” work.

It’s A Christmas Miracle: Brand New Minisode of ‘Sherlock’!

An Open Letter to the Makers of The Wolf of Wall Street, and the Wolf Himself

I worked on the US drone program. The public should know what really goes on.

Lean in to what?
You can’t increase gender diversity in your exploitative, unethical company unless you stop being awful

Fit For a King: A Queer Poly Triad Buys a Bed Off Craigslist

The Homeschool Apostates
I escaped this sort of culture, but never tried to help anyone outside my family do the same. Maybe it’s time.

The Default Gender in Politics and Science.
How are men different from women?