What I’ve Noticed

A Phoenix nun was demoted for saving a woman’s life. Religious hospitals are kind of frightening.

Already environmentally devastated areas, like mine tailings, might be a good place to install solar projects.

A tragedy of “security:” “military personnel were so worried about getting their trucks into the proper place that they crushed a 68-year-old woman on a bicycle five blocks from the nearest point you could have spit on the Convention Center.”

Arizona’s nasty new immigration law is having serious financial consequences, including concert cancellations by Pitbull and Cypress Hill.

Chinese is really hard, but learning to speak it is far easier (and more fun!) than the writing.

Maybe sunshine will cure my migraines.

Even more unexpected and incredibly damaging effects of GM crops.  I am not at all opposed to GM crops in principle, but I do think Monsanto has used the technology in incredibly damaging ways.

Urnula craterium

Urnula craterium from BPotD

You thought the recent financial crisis was bad – just wait until we start to feel the economic effects of the biodiversity crisis.

How not to get people to buy your products.