Migraine Log – Week 16

I’ve been taking Petadolex for over three months now and haven’t noticed any improvement at all in my migraines.  As of today, I’m going to stop taking it.  However, because I only kept track of my migraines for a week before I started taking Petadolex, I am going to keep track of my migraines for another month to see if they get worse.



  1. Jamie Money says:

    Sarcozona, you forgot the number 4 on your graph… that or it is a mega-outlier that I cannot find. Also, how did you come up with your line? Is it just a y=x line to seperate the two?

    • sarcozona says:

      Week 4 I was really sick and didn’t keep track, so it’s missing. And the y=x line is what I expect my migraines to look like normally – every day there’s bad weather, I get a migraine.

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