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Most people who want to help in a disaster actually make things worse.

The United States just legalized corruption.  Really government, corporations AREN’T PEOPLE.

If a person was knowingly endangering the water supply of so many people, he/she would get more than a slap on the wrist fine.

Interestingly, corporations fight hard for their own personhood, but not for the personhood of actual people, like Yemenese women and girls.

This really just makes me want to accuse fervently praying people in airports of suspicious behavior.

Solving complex networking problems with slime mold is genius.

Rita Trudgett, wicket keeper, Australia, 1930s by Sam Hood

Rita Trudgett, wicket keeper, Australia, 1930s by Sam Hood

Overpopulation and lack of family planning services in Pakistan hurt education and breed religious fundamentalism.

Cops and prosecutors in New Orleans are disgusting.

A great post on what patriarchy is and why getting rid of it is good for women AND men.

A recent study on why men pay for sex turns up a whole lot of misogyny. Interestingly, while feminists are often blamed for the idea that all men are potential rapists, some men in this study make a similar, but more disturbing claim – that without sex, men can’t help but rape. Most feminists today would argue that men are actual human beings, as opposed to animals that can’t possibly contain their “urges.”

Debunking the “God must exist because Earth is perfect for life” myth.

Losing species can create dangerous feedback loops.  The loss or decline of a number of plant species has created a poorer diet for honeybees, leading to a decline in their population. Fewer honeybees means fewer pollinators means fewer seeds means fewer plants.

This week I was glad I have a steep roof.

A very good account of the Creation Museum.  Especially good, I think, is the way it describes how the particular breed of Christianity that promotes creationism is very, very far from what could be considered good things in religion – a sense of unity, beauty, and a universe bigger than ourselves – and is instead “more replete with proof than a Soviet show trial” and “bereft of any soul.”

Prison rape isn’t funny and it’s a real problem.  This is a fantastic ad campaign dealing with the issue.

Grandma and Grandpa and the old Ford Explorer

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