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Richer than you think


Last year I made about $14,000.  More than half of that went to rent and student loan payments.  Sometimes I feel pretty darn poor.  But I’ve never made a late payment and I’ve never gone hungry (though I don’t think I can ever eat ramen again).

As poor as I sometimes feel, my income is higher than 87% of incomes in the world (of course, my rent probably is, too). That statistic is from this interesting site via Mike’s blog.

I’m the 747,214,470 richest person on earth!

Discover how rich you are! >>

You enter your yearly income and it tells you how rich you are compared to everyone else on Earth.  The best part is that while you’re feeling comparatively rich, the site outlines a few cool projects by CARE and shows how far even a small donation goes.

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  1. I bet you latest year by about 100.000.000 places. Unless I divide by kids, in this case you win.

    It is interesting, but there’s an inherent bias in the scale, in that it looks like linear (%), but the actual ranking is exponential (it is “easy” to go down, but way more difficult to go up: you have to earn more and more to climb ranks ahead).

    • Kids are VERY expensive! To be honest, I don’t know that I’d stay in ecology if I wanted to have kids. Between the hours and the low pay, I’d be poor forever…

  2. Kids are not necessarily expensive (I got mine for free :), but they are really time consumming*. Usually parents enjoy kidding, so this is not a real loss, but whenever you need time it becomes quite a hard game. My first kid doubled my yearly publication rate (I learnt efficiency and careful planning), but my second divided it by four (when I should write I’m too exhausted to).

    * (that’s when both parents abide to giving time home and get organized to lower all associated costs such as day-care and so)

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