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Is this how I learned stillness?

Illness is the space where I came to understand the limitations of my being. It’s a lesson we all learn but one I learned harshly and twice, first watching my mother and then enduring my own suffering. Now I know that I can lie down for hours without moving. I can meditate. I can stare […]

What’s a grad student worth?

I have a post up today on Tenure, She Wrote about structural financial barriers in academia for chronically ill graduate students. If a worker is less productive, should they be paid less? This is not an abstract question for me. As a sick graduate student, I take longer to produce academic products like papers and […]

Mid-August Migraine Log – Too Many Variables Edition

I started a new drug at the end of January – micronor – with the hopes that it would help with the increase in severe migraine attacks I get around my period. I then promptly had 3 periods in 2 months which then dropped off to a happier once every 4-6 weeks schedule. The frequency […]

Sick people are gross I guess

I whine about people not taking migraine seriously, but we’re pretty shit at properly caring for any sick people who are not rich as god. A few months ago I was in line at the grocery store behind a construction worker buying ginger ale on her break to help with her nausea – she was […]

Not hired

So I was interviewing someone to clean my house since I’m too sick to do it myself. I made the mistake of mentioning my migraine and was treated to a mini-lecture on how I could cure my migraine if I learned to control my stress with yoga and meditation. Thanks to years of yoga and […]