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I have a post up today on Tenure, She Wrote about structural financial barriers in academia for chronically ill graduate students.

If a worker is less productive, should they be paid less? This is not an abstract question for me.

As a sick graduate student, I take longer to produce academic products like papers and degrees than the average well graduate student. Instead of the 4-5 years expected for a PhD student here, I’ll likely take 6-7 years. Additionally, my living expenses are higher because of my illness; despite living in a country with socialized medicine, I still have thousands and thousands of dollars a year in uncovered medical expenses.

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September 11, 2016
by sarcozona

perhaps the personality and behavioural features thought to be characteristic of migraine may instead be related to the experience of chronic pain

One of the few reasonable sentences in this fucked up paper.

Doctors and researchers want to blame patients for their own migraines so badly.