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While you’re waiting for the bus

How the lawyerly discourse of drone warfare misses the point The New Iron Curtain Really Have to Wonder About the NYT’s Judgment Over and over the NY Times has shown itself to be so wedded to the view from nowhere that they mislead and confuse. Don’t waste your subscription dollars on them. I can’t believe […]

While you’re waiting for the bus

More on Donald Trump and the Justice Department Perhaps the bureaucrats can save us. Imagine if every time Trump tried to do something terrible, it required infinite paperwork. The importance of seeing yourself clearly The Votes By Income Graph Does Not Prove Working Class Whites Didn’t Break For Trump Stratify your samples folks. Media: End […]

The Supermanagerial Reich – Los Angeles Review of Books

While there is much gnashing of teeth over our own, cartoonish Hitler wannabe, too many political actors seem more than willing to turn their heads away from our own Supermanagerial Reich. Like mid-1930s Germans, too many are quite simply comfortable with the rolling slow-motion horror that has been neoliberalism. They view the Trumps and the […]

Now isn’t forever

The move from defined-benefit to defined-contribution pensions during a period of absurdly high interest rates reminds me of how we determined water policy in the southwestern US based on the wettest 20 years in the previous 300.

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I know a lot of Trump voters. I have many in my own family. I talked to some of them about their decision before the election and came away fascinated and upset. Their views were a swirl of rage, confusion, and endless conspiracy theory. They were absolutely obsessed with terrorism and the Middle East. I […]