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How Post-Watergate Liberals Killed Their Populist Soul

Fantastic piece tracing the history of monopoly control since the Depression and its political and economic effects. Patman’s career reads as downright passionate, often marked by a vitality you might see today in an Elizabeth Warren—as when, for example, he asked Fed Chairman Arthur Burns, “Can you give me any reason why you should not […]

Democrats, Trump, and the Ongoing, Dangerous Refusal to Learn the Lesson of Brexit

People often talk about “racism/sexism/xenophobia” vs. “economic suffering” as if they are totally distinct dichotomies. Of course there are substantial elements of both in Trump’s voting base, but the two categories are inextricably linked: The more economic suffering people endure, the angrier and more bitter they get, the easier it is to direct their anger […]

When I told you so feels like sobbing terror vomit

It’s possible to argue that electability should not be the primary factor. That’s certainly reasonable: Elections often are and should be about aspirations, ideology, and opinion-changing leaders. But given the lurking possibility of a Trump presidency, is now really the time to gamble on such a risky general election candidate as Hillary Clinton? Source: With […]

While you’re waiting for the bus election results

Japan’s koseki system: dull, uncaring but terribly efficient. I love effective bureaucracy. Asymmetrical relationships I love you Darwin. Why Do Bigger-Brained Animals Have Longer Yawns? I yawned about 20 times reading this A painful case Friday Fabulous Flowers – Mums the word I love chrysanthemums so much. Try as I might I used to ask […]