While you’re waiting for the bus

More on Donald Trump and the Justice Department

Perhaps the bureaucrats can save us. Imagine if every time Trump tried to do something terrible, it required infinite paperwork.

The importance of seeing yourself clearly

The Votes By Income Graph Does Not Prove Working Class Whites Didn’t Break For Trump

Stratify your samples folks.

Media: End Reporting on Polls

If the media you consume/pay for devotes time and attention to polls, find something else.

Stunning Highlights from the 2016 International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest

Dystopian Worlds by Michal Karcz

Can’t Wait Forever

employee is trying to force his way into a job that I don’t want to hire him for
Gumption is thinking you deserve someone’s job because they went on maternity leave

Ready or Not

Compliments, “potential” and power

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