I need to be able to reliably work 20 hours a week before I can go
back to work and start making $$ again. The first 4 months of medical
leave were about getting well enough to do stuff like cook and grocery
shop regularly. With rest, emotional recovery, getting a new treatment nailed down, and re-prioritizing a regimen of quiet, naps,
low-key exercise, meditation, and cefaly, I’m there. Yeah!

next 4 months are about getting to 20 hours of work/week. I worked some
during the first 4 months, but sporadically and often overdid it and
ended up making myself sicker. This time I’ve got a plan.

first week’s goal was to work at least 2 hours AND I TOTALLY MADE IT. I worked
3.75 hours. So I got myself some flowers.

This week I’m going to try to work at least 4 hours. Given that I worked _almost_ that last week without ill effects, I feel pretty hopeful.

If I win this week, I get a couple Luna albums 😀