You have developed *excellent* techniques for dealing with your interruptions. I especially like your routine (tea!) to restart your routines, and I think I might adopt it. I don’t have to deal with chronic illness, but am a parent. Having read your blog for a while, I’d have to disagree with “parenting has to be worse.” I’m a parent, and while there’s plenty of tiredness and schedule disruption, it’s not as chaotic as your migraines (especially after the first six months), nor as disabling. I’m actually in *more* of a routine now that I have a kid, because kids like routines too.

The major difference, I would say is the loss of flexibility. You can choose to work in your most productive times (if you’re not feeling sick) — first thing when you get up and from 5-8. Those are exactly the times I cannot work — in the morning, I have to get my son up, dressed, fed, and off to daycare, before I can do any work. From 5-8, I’m picking my son up from daycare, playing with him, getting dinner ready, giving him a bath (sometimes), and putting him to bed. I would love to work first thing in the morning, but it’s just not possible.

The only thing I might add that I think you do already, but didn’t mention explicitly, is to make sure you get some downtime. If you’re feeling well, make sure at least some of that time is spent doing something you enjoy. Yoga probably fits the bill for you. I think it’s hard for those of us with compressed time (for illness or for parenting) to not try to squeeze work into every corner of our lives. Do some things you enjoy. And don’t feel guilty. You need that time to keep sane and to keep enjoying life.