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May 28, 2013
by sarcozona

You know I think you showed me the website  I read it about every day and know more about rape-culture than my thesis research.

The person who emailed this to me was a colleague I worked with 5 years ago. I don’t think he would have called himself a feminist when we met.

Feminists writing blogs is kind of a big deal. I know they changed my life for the better.

Stuff worth reading
Unexcited? There May Be a Pill for That Excellent evo psych takedowns. Extraordinary parentheticals. And really awesome treatment of people in the story by the journalist.

thoughts on Pew’s latest report: notable findings on race and privacy Teenagers aren’t stupid

Reenacting Reconciliation What we remember about the war is not what the war was about.

Urban Planting What kind of city are you making?

Open-plan offices make employees less productive, less happy, and more likely to get sick – Quartz Why I don’t go to work to actually work.

Oiva, 6, Teemu, 36 Now this is fashion:

Undead farm bill: Everyone’s favorite legislative zombie shuffles on Wouldn’t it be great to turn on the news and see a nuanced discussion of the farm bill?

Green roofs don’t work unless you plant them with diverse, local plants Living on a roof is hard

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