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Sacrificing fashion to migraines

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I’ve had a migraine for the better part of two weeks now. Sometimes it’s awful, a lot of times it’s bearable. But I’ve been largely confined to the house. Every time I tried to leave my comforting basement with its dim lamps, the light made me sicker, despite the fact that it was overcast pretty much all week and I wore sunglasses. I almost always find light uncomfortable and frequently find it painful, but this week was especially frustrating because it was a big part of why I didn’t make it to my office at all.



Yesterday I laid down enough money for a very cute pair of shoes/a few weeks of groceries for a pair of Theraspecs. My current sunglasses, while cheap, are pretty freaking awesome and garner lots of compliments. These will not. Today I don’t care.

Hopefully they’ll help, and if not, Theraspecs has a great return policy.

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One Comment

  1. You could totally rock Theraspecs those with some sort of badass Blade Runner meets Beyond Thunderdome haircut.

    Something like this.

    Hope this supports anchor tags!

    Of course who has time for haircuts like that with a migraine.

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