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Sacrificing fashion to migraines

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I’ve had a migraine for the better part of two weeks now. Sometimes it’s awful, a lot of times it’s bearable. But I’ve been largely confined to the house. Every time I tried to leave my comforting basement with its dim lamps, the light made me sicker, despite the fact that it was overcast pretty much all week and I wore sunglasses. I almost always find light uncomfortable and frequently find it painful, but this week was especially frustrating because it was a big part of why I didn’t make it to my office at all.



Yesterday I laid down enough money for a very cute pair of shoes/a few weeks of groceries for a pair of Theraspecs. My current sunglasses, while cheap, are pretty freaking awesome and garner lots of compliments. These will not. Today I don’t care.

Hopefully they’ll help, and if not, Theraspecs has a great return policy.

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