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On the bright side

I shared a chart of my recent migraines with you all the other day under a singularly depressing title. When I woke up this morning yet again feeling like vomiting, “everything will be terrible forever” seemed like an even more appropriate description for my migraine log than it did last week. However, as overwhelming and […]

An electroshock tiara for your migraines

So I’m going to tell my supervisor Wednesday that the migraine medicine that looked like it was working had some problematic side effects.1 After blundering through a bit of work during a migraine hangover today, I decided to do a bit of research on the latest and greatest in migraine treatments. The first bridges the gulf […]

What’s wrong with you young folks?

I was scolded a few years ago by an aging, white, male hippie about the music young people listen to today. Who was our Woodie Guthrie or Bob Dylan or Pete Seeger? I tried to convince him that there was a whole lot of music made after the 70s that protested injustice (hello, riot grrl!), […]

While you’re waiting for the bus

A semi-weekly list of stuff worth reading In lab today – clubmosses Massive Bird Nests Built on Telephone Poles in Southern Africa are Home to Multiple Species of Birds Sanders and Boxer introduce ‘fee and dividend’ climate bill; greens tickled pink Do it Anti-anxiety drug found in rivers makes fish more aggressive Surprise! GMO fail: Monsanto foiled […]

This is how to build

A Visit Gone are the days when you could walk on water. When you could walk. The days are gone. Only one day remains, the one you’re in. The memory is no friend. It can only tell you what you no longer have: a left hand you can use, two feet that walk. All the […]

While you’re waiting for the bus

A semi-weekly list of stuff worth reading She Attended With Her Mother – Why I never go to the Doctors alone. Having someone to help handle doctor’s appointments and logistics of chronic illness is amazing. Glenn Ross gives ‘toxic tours’ of neighborhoods you’ve seen in ‘The Wire’ The River of Myths by Hans Rosling Fucking […]