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An electroshock tiara for your migraines


So I’m going to tell my supervisor Wednesday that the migraine medicine that looked like it was working had some problematic side effects.1 After blundering through a bit of work during a migraine hangover today, I decided to do a bit of research on the latest and greatest in migraine treatments.

The first bridges the gulf between your latest bit of Star Trek cosplay, a medical device, and that most indispensable of fashion accessories – the tiara.  Unlike a normal tiara, which just sits there sparkling, this one connects you to the borg applies a wee bit of electricity to the trigeminal nerve. Just what I’ve always wanted!

If you’re not into wearing a tiara all day, you can try applying this giant electromagnet to your brain. It also goes well with the giant purse trend and looks like it builds upper body strength. I actually really want to try one.


If that seems a bit too hands on, you can also give your s.o. the remote control for the electrode your doctor has implanted in your head.

Other potential remedies include snorting special k.

1. I’m still on the fence about whether to tell her about the stroke + heart attack symptoms that prompted the immediate nixing of those meds.

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