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Tuesday Shoesday

A question that may be harder to answer than the ones I’ve described in my PhD proposal: Is it possibly to have too many pairs of red shoes?

While you’re waiting for the bus

A semi-weekly list of stuff worth reading Fungal fruit mummies Fungi do strange things to the organisms they parisitize Bill Gates is naive, data is not objective Your data set is only a very tiny piece of the world. Harvard professor has it right: U.S. climate push requires intense grassroots support around ‘cap-and-dividend’ bill Don’t […]

Not good enough

I went to a computery workshop recently. I was a little nervous about going, sure I couldn’t possibly know enough to keep up. But I could have taught a lot of the material they presented on the first day and had no problems on the second day  – I even had some ideas for improving […]

While you’re waiting for the bus

Semi-weekly list of interesting stuff  Anthropocene good for arachnids Add giant spiders to your climate change apocalypse story. How urban design affects our health Building for cars makes people sick. Lotus 1-2-3 is 30 years old Shared for what might be the best ad in the history of software. Being Visible This happens A LOT […]