Sick at conferences

This past summer I wrote a little about what it was like to attend a scientific conference as a person with a chronic illness. I’m not the only one who struggles with this aspect of an academic career. I wonder if there’s something about conferences that could be changed to make them easier for sick people? I always fantasize about a room at the convention center with cots for quick naps!


  1. Kate Hertweck says:

    I’m going to suggest this to the conference organizers for Evolution 2014 (since they work with me at NESCent)!

  2. Emily says:

    The cots (or maybe super comfy chairs or something) sound excellent! T also suggests better availability of chairs–some people aren’t in wheelchairs but can’t stand for very long. ESA wouldn’t give her a chair for her poster session this year (really, wtf), and there were some social events where chairs were in short supply. Especially if you don’t have a visible disability/illness it can be awkward to ask for someone’s chair if there aren’t any free ones.

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