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Remember that time in grad school


When you took a class from your supervisor and wrote almost all of the term paper in one intense weekend with three whole days to polish and check references and then accidentally overwrote it with an old outline backup 24 hours before the deadline?

One day this is going to be a funny story.

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  1. nope.  nope i do not remember that time because it mortified me into selective amnesia.

  2. You are amazing and you can finish! Write write write!

  3. When you have a chance to breathe and the adrenaline has faded and the paper is turned in, you should look into git. Warning: it is a bit intimidating, but it’s a good system. And if you’re coding things of any sort, you really should not work without version control.

    P.S. You’re not using Dropbox/storing the paper in your Dropbox folder, are you? Because Dropbox does versioning for all revisions less than thirty days old. It’s accessible through the web interface. 

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