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Time management in grad school


The next ESA interview I’ll post is with Colin Kremer, one of my favorite people on the planet. We talked all about why he’s an ecologist and some of the cool stuff he works on, but also spent some time catching up and talking about grad school. In the short snippet below, he turns the interview tables and gets me talking about what it’s like to switch from being really sick all the time to really sick almost none of the time.

Time Management [mp3, click to download]

Check back soon to hear all about Colin!

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  1. Yeah, I can relate to the “problem” of having more time. I’ve gone from having a newborn to having a much more independent toddler while in grad school. And so likewise, from having zero to negative time to do anything to having more time to accumulate more projects and other stuff. My path is a more gradual transition from no time to some time than your (apparent?) switch from migraines all the time to migraines rarely. (I’ve just started reading your blog, so I don’t know your back story here…)  A good problem to have, to be sure, but a challenging one nevertheless.

    • One of the excellent parts of having this problem, is that basically everyone else has had this problem and so there’s tons of advice. There was not so much advice out there on, for example, which narcotic I should take when I needed to take a calculus test with a migraine.

  2. interesting snippet —  also rocking news 🙂  glad you’ve got a freedom streak going on, as much of a shock as it can be to reorient yourself.  take advantage of it, and don’t let it whisper mean things in your ear.  whenever i have free time and the ability to utilize it i tend to panic over how best to spend this new time and energy.  that’s the part that requires working through 🙂

    best to you!

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