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Another reason not to use PayPal: they froze the WikiLeaks account.

Natural disasters are pretty expensive for insurance companies. With climate change, you can bet your premium is going to go up faster and faster. And so is the cost of food.

Yes, rich people are paying more in taxes. Because they’re getting richer.

What finding queer community for the first time feels like:

In that dark, hole-in-the-wall bar, I realized it: These are my people. It scared the hell out of me. It thrilled me. It validated the road I’d traveled for the past few years. It excited me to see so many women who loved women, just like me. I finally felt visible after hiding for so long.

We shoot ourselves in the foot for fear of someone getting ahead who might not deserve it.

Economic inequality, not immigration or racial diversity, makes for a bad neighborhood.

Has “The Singularity” already occurred?

Performing knowledge, foodie style.

The next crash – nature’s economy. And you thought the Wall Street crash caused problems.


  1. Clarissa says:

    I hate PayPal. They have been refusing to open an account for me for 17 months. For some reason, they say they can’t verify my bank account, which is ridiculous because it’s my main bank account and I use it every day with no problems. Idiots.

  2. sarcozona says:

    There’ve been many cases where people have lost quite a bit of money through paypal, too. There are websites devoted entirely to ‘PayPal horror stories,’ but the biggest problem seems to be that while they look and act like a bank, they aren’t actually a bank. So they can freeze your account (with all your $$) and you have no recourse. Or if someone steals your money, you have no recourse. Or even if you do, PayPal makes it nearly impossible to get your money back without going to court.

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