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I’m Moving!


After months and months of checking Craigslist like most people check Facebook, I’ve finally found a new place to live.  I’m excited to leave the annoying partier neighbors and increasingly difficult management at my current apartment complex.  I’m even more excited about living in a real neighborhood close to a grocery store and lots of bus stops with neighbors who have more plants than I do.  The kitchen is a bit small, but it’s adorable, has real tile and wood floors instead of crappy linoleum and gross carpet, and has all kinds of clever cubbyholes and closets for storage.

Unfortunately, my current lease is up Monday and my new lease doesn’t start until the end of June.  I get to stay with a labmate I’ve been wanting to get to know better in the meantime, but moving twice just isn’t going to be pleasant.

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  1. Sounds like a great spot!

    Yeah, the double-move is no fun; I’m undergoing one of those too right now. But in just over a month, I’ll get the house I’ll live in for the next 4 years!!! Longer than I’ve been in one place since before college.

  2. Excellent – even the double move sounds like it has its upside.

  3. What part of town is your new place in? (Sort of looks like my neck of the woods.)

    • I’m just north of the hospital – I love the neighborhood and all the interesting little houses. If you’re my neighbor, you’ll have to come over and meet my plants.

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