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Armor and identity

From Anaïs Nin’s A Spy in the House of Love: Slowly what she composed with the new day was her own focus, to bring together body and mind. This was made with an effort, as if all the dissolutions and dispersions of her self the night before were difficult to reassemble.  She was like an […]

What I’ve Noticed

Hurricanes are going to make the oil spill that much harder to deal with. This Is your Copilot Speaking makes me feel better and worse about flying.  Also, it’s a problem when airlines treat their pilots nearly as badly as their passengers. Another animal disappears in the 6th great extinction, this time it’s the Alaotra […]

I’m Moving!

After months and months of checking Craigslist like most people check Facebook, I’ve finally found a new place to live.  I’m excited to leave the annoying partier neighbors and increasingly difficult management at my current apartment complex.  I’m even more excited about living in a real neighborhood close to a grocery store and lots of […]

No More Facebook

Facebook was a wonderful way for me to keep in touch with a lot of different people, but I deleted my account a few weeks ago. By the time I deleted my account, Facebook had given me A LOT of reasons to leave:  their increasingly complex and deliberately obtuse privacy policy and options, the frequent changes that defaulted […]

Reductionist isn’t an insult

From Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters: Oncology, the medical study of whole cancers, diligent, brilliant and massively endowed though it was, achieved terribly little by comparison with what has already been achieved in a few years by a reductionist, genetic approach.

What I’ve Noticed

Mining companies like to claim that they’re bringing economic benefits, but cleanup and health costs far outweigh positive contributions to the economy. After thousands of years, we’ve finally discovered what the argonaut octopus uses its shell for – it’s essentially a ballast tank. HUGE step: we’ve synthesized life. Autism doesn’t have anything to do with […]