What I’ve Noticed

Arizona enacted a law this week that makes it a state crime for undocumented immigrants to be in AZ.  It’s basically an excuse for police to fuck with any and all brown people who accidentally leave their driver’s licenses at home.

Did you get flowers for your significant other this Valentine’s Day?  Did you know those flowers were likely grown by heavily exploited child workers in poisonous working conditions on land that should be used to grow food in countries where people routinely starve to death?

Sometimes peer review is just a good way to cheat.

India actually has a reasonable copyright law that will encourage – rather than stifle – innovation.

Mexican abortion law says that a pregnant 10 year old raped by her stepfather must carry the fetus to term.  Oklahoma is only a little better.

Christian health insurance might be worse than Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Academia doesn’t pay nearly as well as most people think it does, but at least we get paid to do something we’re interested in.