Happy Blog Anniversary!

I started blogging 6 years ago today.  I’ve blogged for a lot of different reasons, but the desire to share and connect with other people, to be part of a larger conversation, has always been a part of it (though sometimes I’ve really identified with Jamie here and felt like quitting).  I count many of the people I’ve met through blogging as dear friends.

During many of the years that I’ve blogged, I haven’t consistently kept a real journal, but some rather large changes have happened in my life. I’m grateful to have at least some sort of record of my thoughts.  Six years ago, I was partway through my first (somewhat miserable) year of college and my livejournal is full of cringe-inducing and confusing posts that reflect the havoc migraines and medications were wreaking in my life.  My second blog documents the painful end of my time at UNC, my poorly thought out stint as a nanny, the odd & sometimes lonely experience of teaching English in China, and my first very happy year living in the southwest.

I’ve been writing here since 2007 and I don’t think I’ll be moving again anytime soon.  In general, I think my blogging has become less personal now than it used to be, but I still write about plants, politics, shoes, books, and living with migraines.  You all don’t comment very often, but I’d love to know why you read my blog and what kinds of posts you particularly look for.