Crossed wires

When I have migraines, my senses become hyper-acute – light, smells, sounds, tastes, sensation are all too much.  Sometimes, though, I sense things that aren’t actually there.  I often smell smoke or exhaust when there isn’t any.  Coffee tastes peppery.  And I can hear an indistinct conversation even when there aren’t any people nearby.

It’s enough to make me feel like I’m going crazy sometimes.


  1. Mike says:

    The worst was when I was completely out of my gourd, Mt. Dew tasted like lemon juice and my brain, I think, basically died and then was reincarnated.

    I’ve never had one that bad again.

    The aura period of a migraine can be very strange, a storm threatening, dark and menacing on the horizon of thought.

    Strange that I actually like the period after a migraine. I feel better then, renewed.

    The only other thing that’s made me feel that way is after a parachute jump.

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