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What I’ve Noticed

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We’re cutting all the wrong things.

If I ever live somewhere humid enough, I’m going to grow these in my house.

How to stifle innovation and piss off your customers.

Dr. Isis might be the best mom in the world:

if … Little Isis does grow to prefer silver metallic heels to black wingtips, then that needs to be okay.  If Little Isis grows up to prefer boys instead of girls, then that needs to be okay.  My son needs to develop the identity that will lead him to become a healthy and fulfilled adult, not the identity I think he should have.  I can try to guide him and teach him to be a kind person, but I can’t force him into a mold.  I think that part of loving him unconditionally means loving the person he will ultimately become, even if it is different than whatever groundless expectations I had for him.

Maybe instead of just visiting your local park/arboretum/museum, you should volunteer for them.

Why I don’t buy music from RIAA members.

Lots of cool stuff in this study, especially the connections between different scales of biology – from an ecosystem all the way down to basic chem.

Another reason to like Darwin – he recognized that women could be awesome scientists.

Hats off to beautiful femmes.  This might have made me cry.

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