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Milk vs. MRIs


I purchased my current health insurance through my university.  It’s $1500 a year, which isn’t bad, but it covers almost nothing and has no prescription drug coverage.  If I were following my doctor’s instructions, I’d spend $1500 every 3 or 4 months on prescriptions alone.  This health insurance is definitely not worth $1500 a year, but for me to get better insurance isn’t really possible – I’m either turned down when I apply, or offered plans with $700 a month premiums and ridiculous deductibles.

I do well financially for a student and am always able to figure out a way to pay my bills on time, but I certainly don’t make a lot of money.  My state has a medical assistance program for people who don’t make a lot – kind of like Medicaid.  I don’t qualify for Medicaid, but I thought I might qualify for the state program.  I didn’t.

But the application was for both medical AND nutrition assistance.  While I was turned down for medical assistance, I was approved for food stamps.

Someone really needs to fix this system – the government is telling me “We think you can’t afford milk, but you can totally afford that MRI.”

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  1. Woe.. I’ll bet you can afford that MRI!

  2. but you can’t even drink milk!

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