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Migraine Log – Week 8


I’ve been taking Petadolex for 7 weeks now. I bought Aleve and Excedrin Migraine today – I’m a little discouraged. But I said I’d give it three months, so I’ll give it three months.

This week I used R to create the graph.  I’m learning R in one of my classes, so I thought this would be good practice.  This kind of graph is called a bubble graph.  In a bubble graph, if the weather and my migraines are the same multiple weeks, the “bubble” gets bigger.

Over the past week I had way too many migraines, but I did have fewer migraines than there were days of bad weather. One more point below the line!

For those of you new to my migraine graphs, if the points consistently drop below the line over time, it means the medicine is helping.  If the points stay on or above the line, the medicine is not helping.

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