By this time Wednesday last week, I’d taken four of my five finals.  But of course you remember that, or at least the sassy red boots I posted that day.  I still have none of my grades.  Not even from the classes with multiple choice scantron exams.  My sister, who’s in school on the other side of the country, knew most of her grades before finals week was even over.  It’s like my professors do things that don’t involve my classes or something.

I probably shouldn’t complain too much, though.  Somewhere in that sniffling-sneezing-migraine-vicodin haze of an exam week I think I lost my A’s in discrete math and genetics.  As we all know, B’s = F’s and I’ll never get into grad school or even finish my undergrad and will have to count tree rings or stock grocery shelves (I’m not sure which is worse, actually) for the rest of my life.