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Next semester’s classes

Registration starts this week at my university.  I love planning out what classes I’m going to take.  I think I’m going to come up with enough money to go to school full time next semester, too, which makes the decisions much easier.  Choosing 4 or 5 is far less painful than choosing 2. Next semester […]


I wasn’t chosen to go on the ESA SEEDS field trip to Alaska, which was disappointing because it would have been so much fun.  More disappointing, however, was not getting the Goldwater.  That would have allowed me to go to school full time and cut back on how many hours a week I’m working.  I’ve […]

what i’ve noticed

Siberia is melting fast and so is Antarctica Fox news: Democrats are mommies, Republicans are daddies No frogs + no bats = serious bug problems Dolphins give their girlfriends flowers too Cheney doesn’t give a fuck Velorution (why doesn’t my school do this?) Male pregnancy The monogamy delusion Follow the money – which politicians get […]

math + ecology = an awesome summer

I wrote a few days ago about not having enough money to attend the ELME summer program.  This morning I found out that I was receiving a fellowship to attend.  Money problems solved!  Theoretical population biology, here I come!

Berry Go Round 3

The 3rd edition of Berry Go Round is up at Greg Laden’s Blog.  I had a big presentation today that went quite well, so I treated myself and sat down and read the whole thing this evening.  There are all sorts of wonderful in this carnival, including a 5 meter tree that can sting and […]

opportunities and money

I recently applied to attend the Enhancing Linkages between Ecology and Math summer Program at Michigan State University’s Kellogg Biological Station. And I got in! I’ve even been offered an awesome scholarship that covers tuition, room and board. I had been hoping for a fellowship because it would have covered travel and given me a […]