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Next semester’s classes


Registration starts this week at my university.  I love planning out what classes I’m going to take.  I think I’m going to come up with enough money to go to school full time next semester, too, which makes the decisions much easier.  Choosing 4 or 5 is far less painful than choosing 2.

Next semester I’m going to take:

  • Plant Morphology
  • Ecology
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Genetics

If you go to school with me and you’ve had calculus and want to take statistics, sign up for 275 instead of 270!  275 will be a small, calculus based class but it won’t be taught if enough students don’t sign up for it.  If I am accepted to the UMEB Program again next year, I’ll be taking another class associated with that program.

The only bad part about registering is that everyone else gets to register at the same time and the registration system goes so slowly.  My classes shouldn’t be hard to get into, but I’ve seen some intense tantrums when someone doesn’t get into a class they need to graduate!

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