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I recently applied to attend the Enhancing Linkages between Ecology and Math summer Program at Michigan State University’s Kellogg Biological Station. And I got in! I’ve even been offered an awesome scholarship that covers tuition, room and board. I had been hoping for a fellowship because it would have covered travel and given me a stipend. I can’t afford to not work for 7 weeks. I found out I’m pretty high on waiting list for the fellowship, so I’m hoping one of the people offered the fellowship has a better summer opportunity. I’m also digging around for some other funding sources. Keep your fingers crossed!

I had also applied to go on the ESA SEEDS field trip to Alaska, but got my rejection letter yesterday. I hate when they say things like “not being selected is not indicative of your quality as a candidate.”  It makes me imagine them pulling names from a hat.

I’ll find out about the Goldwater by the end of the month and a bunch of departmental and general scholarships through my university sometime in April.  Since my financial aid award suggested I take out a bank loan with interest rates higher than my credit card, I really hope I get some good scholarship money for next year.

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  1. Congratulations! You absolutely deserve it, and I hope to hear all about your adventures there.

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