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What I’ve Noticed

Anti-vaxxers are a blast from the past – who knew whooping cough would still be killing people in developed countries in the 21st century? Important information that your intro stats professor likely didn’t mention. While cutting classes and entire programs, reducing pay for already underpaid professors, and laying people off right and left, my university […]


Something terrible is supposed to happen on my birthday in 2012.  I don’t put much stock in the predictions of the Mayan calendar, but the world oil shortfall that’s predicted to occur in 2012 probably won’t have many good consequences. We are completely unprepared to transition to a non-fossil fuel based economy, so I can […]

What I’ve Noticed

Arizona enacted a law this week that makes it a state crime for undocumented immigrants to be in AZ.  It’s basically an excuse for police to fuck with any and all brown people who accidentally leave their driver’s licenses at home. Did you get flowers for your significant other this Valentine’s Day?  Did you know […]

What I’ve Noticed

A beautiful post on hierarchies and judgement within marginalized communities. The Skeptic’s Book of Pooh-Pooh points out an awesome news story on the danger anti-vaxers create for children in their communities.  The anti-vaxers hypocrisy is also on display in their support of chemical castration for autistic boys. We can’t expect toxic products to stop coming […]

How to starve a country

I’ve posted before about the damage farm subsidies can do to the economies of other countries. Corn is one of the most heavily subsidized crops and it’s being used to create ethanol, which is currently more profitable than selling the corn for food because ethanol is subsidized, too. This is causing some very serious problems […]