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When can I say I did it?

I finally finished my research proposal the other day. I should be celebrating, but I don’t feel a sense of accomplishment or even relief. Perhaps that’s because it’s not really done. I’ll get comments back from my supervisor, then do some edits, then get her approval to send it on to my committee, then get […]

How to make the most of medical leave

I went on medical leave this semester because of my migraines. As I get ready to go back to work, I have some advice for others who are going on medical leave over on Tenure, She Wrote. It might also have some useful tidbits for people who are struggling in their program and want to […]

Cold and hungry

The graduate student association at my university is collecting food for local food banks, but is having trouble getting donations. Our Food Bin is cold and hungry for some donations! Please plan to pass by with something to share this holiday season. We will offer your donations as some support to help families in need get […]

Migraine diaries

1 November I’m sick today, but remarkably buoyant; I was able to work yesterday and I might have celiac disease. Perhaps gluten-free will save me. I’m impossibly hopeful. 6 November Spent a chunk of last night at the ER after five rather unpleasant days. Perhaps buoyancy is another migraine trigger? They gave me a drug […]

What would you ask for?

My migraines have been slowing my PhD progress way down. At my current level of migraine, I’m going to have half the time of a normal student to do my PhD. I’m fortunate to be in a really supportive environment, but I need to do a better job using that support. My advisor and committee have […]

How to stick to a routine that’s constantly being interrupted

I like routines. I like to get up at the same time every day and do the same things that I did yesterday in the very same order. Some of the things in my routine are: writing an hour right after waking up, doing yoga, practicing a different language, answering emails, and analyzing data. When […]