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Kitty Todd Nature Preserve

If you’re driving from Michigan to Pittsburgh, you’ll probably go through Ohio.  At least, that’s how the car-full of ecologists I was with did it.  Some people might advise you to find some (any) way around it. I had never been to Ohio before and was not particularly impressed from the highway, even though they […]

What We Killed Thursday

Erythrina, or coral trees, are well known for their spectacular flowers and are often grown ornamentally.  They’re also very important in the ecosystems they belong to.  Their leaves are food for caterpillars of many moth and butterfly species.  Their nectar and seeds sustain numerous bird species, including a number of hummingbirds.  Coral trees are also […]

Berry Go Round #17

Welcome to the 17th edition of Berry Go Round!  Before you get started here, you may want to check out the 16th edition hosted at Quiche Moraine.  It’s full of exciting posts on mutualism. GrannyJ’s A garland of leaves at Walking Prescott, is a beautifully illustrated post comparing the shapes and colors of a variety […]

Berry Go Round 4

The 4th edition of Berry Go Round is up at Foothills Fancies.  If you don’t have time to go read all the awesome entries, highlights are below: Biodiversity and health issues at Seeds Aside. New seed fern fossils found where we didn’t expect them (in time) at the Ethical Palaeontologist. I’m very jealous that Fred […]