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Flattr helps little blogs, too

Have you ever noticed the Flattr buttons on this blog? Clicking on one of those is like tossing your change in the tip jar. You might think that it’s silly to use Flattr on a blog like mine (my readers are loyal, but few), but the small tips really add up. Despite the fact that […]

Epiphyte City

One of my favorite things about my new city are the epiphytes. Lichen and moss quickly take up residence on nearly any exposed surface – from tree trunks to stop signs. So from now on, I’ll be referring to my new city as Epiphyte City.

Comments Housekeeping

I’ve switched to Disqus for comment management here. Until all the comments originally made in the old system finish importing into Disqus, comments on old posts may not be visible. Give it a day or two before you start emailing me about problems with comments showing up.

Theme changes

I’ve been trying on new themes like dresses before a date and if you visit my blog often I bet it’s gotten pretty annoying. But I’ve finally found a theme I’m happy with and promise not to change it again for at least a few months, though I may shrink down the size of the […]

New theme!

Three people tell me they like the new theme, but one person actually called me and gave me a 5 minute lecture on how awful it is. According to my blog stats, that means at least four of my readers haven’t weighed in. Here’s your chance: [poll id=”1″]

Will you miss me?

My blog will disappear for a few hours on Thursday or Friday because Bluehost is physically moving the server that holds this blog. Hopefully they won’t drop it.

In ‘Real’ Life

I’ve got lots to share with you – how my first grad school interview went, what I think of Anthony Trollope, culling my show collection, an ode to dendrochronology. But my head hurts today, so I’m just going to leave you with a list of bloggers I wish I could have coffee with. Kriti, Mike, […]