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I’m moving from Bluehost to inmotion hosting. Depending on how much I fumble the process, there may be some times this site isn’t available in the next few weeks.


A few days ago I scrambled some plugin settings and ended up spamming all my email/rss subscribers and my twitter too. Sorry! Hopefully it’s fixed now.

New (now old) post on TSW

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Software Sustainability Institutes’s proposed changes in software development in science over on Tenure, She Wrote.

I’m famous!

My Tenure, She Wrote post on poverty in grad school was cited and extensively quoted in a New York Times blog, which is basically the same thing as the newspaper, right?

Pseudonymously yours

Sometime in 1997 or 1998, I signed up for an aim account and Sarcozona was born. I’ve since used a lot of pseudonyms on the internet and sometimes my real name, too, but my pseudonyms are bolder, more exploratory, more changeable than my real name. I feel freer writing as Sarcozona, even when I’m writing […]

Tenure, She Wrote

I’m really excited to be part of the new collaborative blog, Tenure, She Wrote. Check out the inaugural post on mentoring by Acclimatrix and read about all the other cool women involved.

Klout thinks spammers are better than you

You’ve probably been invited to “view your Klout score!” if you use any kind of social media. You certainly are assigned one whether or not you actually sign up for Klout. If you’ve read any of the other 90 bajillion posts on how bad Klout is, I recommend you stop reading here – I won’t be saying […]