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The university hybridized with business and kept only the worst of both

On the one hand, the authors are clearly concerned about the fate of their younger colleagues. On the other hand, I could not avoid the impression that the report considers young scientists not as unique creative individuals with “brains and character, strength and health, happiness and spiritual vitality, interest and motivation, and no one knows […]

Scholarship is always political

“Sokal Squared” is bad science. Its blatant manipulation of its own “data,” the lack of meaningful controls, and the disconnect between its methods and what it claims to prove are a remarkably poor model for nonpoliticized scholarship, even if it were true (as it clearly is not) that the hoaxers were any less driven by […]

What’s a grad student worth?

I have a post up today on Tenure, She Wrote about structural financial barriers in academia for chronically ill graduate students. If a worker is less productive, should they be paid less? This is not an abstract question for me. As a sick graduate student, I take longer to produce academic products like papers and […]

Not actually a lot of jobs

Someone said today that there are a lot of jobs in my field and offered up a spreadsheet of crowdsourced openings as evidence. My university graduates more PhDs in this field every year than there were jobs on that list.

So you think you’re a bad collaborator

This guy Dollard was holed up in a stockade trying not to get his ass kicked by the Iroquois Confederation when he had the brilliant idea to light up powder keg and toss it into the enemy. Unfortunately, he missed and dropped the damn thing in the stockade, blowing allies and his own men and […]