Stolen Mornings

2016-08-22 05.59.44

I lost my mornings for a few months. Mornings are my favourite part of the day – a bit of chill in the air, the light gentle and delicately blue, everything still and quiet. When I get up in the morning, I make my bed and walk straight out the door to say hello to the little flowers in my yard and just stand awhile in the soft, cool calm.

I began feeling worse in the mornings sometime this spring and needing a lot more sleep. Instead of waking up refreshed at dawn, I woke up exhausted and muzzy-headed hours after sunrise when everything was bright and hot and glaring and loud.

I thought I was getting lazy and undisciplined, but an accidental missed dose of a medication I began shortly before my mornings started to disappear gave me an inkling something else might be wrong. A week at a new half-dose and my mornings are mine again.

It is good.