Just get me a fainting couch

He worried that so many migrainous women sought diagnostic tests and spent so much money on doctors when doctors had so few effective migraine treatments. The more appropriate role for the physician, he argued, would be to spend time with the patient, “in talking over her life problems and in showing her how to live more calmly and happily, than in making useless examinations.” “It is an axiom with me, he added, “that whenever a woman is having three attacks of migraine a week, it means that she is either psychopathic or else she is overworking or worrying or fretting, or otherwise using her brain wrongly.

Joanna Kempner in Not Tonight

Yes, 8 year old me must have been reading too many Redwall novels. And programming is definitely too much for my poor lady brain.

Also everyone, their mother, and my GP want me to go to therapy regularly. Therapy that is $100-200/session when only $300/yr is covered.