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So where are all the queer ecologists? Gay lunch at ESA

Every year at ESA, there’s a GLBT brown bag lunch. It’s a great place to to meet some cool people and to talk about career issues related to being queer. The two times I’ve attended, about 20 other people showed up. Most queer ecologists don’t go to the brown bag. Maybe they’re busy, maybe they’re […]

Big City Pride

The Pride Festivals I attended before this weekend were literally walled off events. The festival would rent part of a city park and surround it with chain link fence, then plaster the fence with signs. You couldn’t see in or out. These events were trying to carve out a safe space and do a little […]

Where are the other queer ecologists?

Being a queer scientist in the world of academia is a lot easier than being queer at my old tech support job or in the rural south where I grew up. By and large, the scientists around me are kind and accepting. Most scientists care a lot more about my statistics and ideas than they […]

What I’ve Noticed

Instead of paying for decent healthcare or public transit, our government is paying, quite literally, for more cheese. Coming out can be really, really hard.  But funny, too: “I think I’m… well, um… a bicycle.” Overcoming gender essentialism is also really, really hard.  But it’s so worth it. Cheating is a huge problem in our […]

What I’ve Noticed

Frank Fenner thinks we’ll go the way of the Easter Islanders in the next 100 years.  I disagree that humans will go extinct, but I agree that we’ve waited far too long to address energy and population issues to avoid dramatic and involuntary reduction in our population.  And it’s already happening: resource competition, exacerbated by […]

For the faggots

The bus driver I rode with this afternoon wasn’t happy to find out that Pride was this weekend.  I assumed it was the traffic he had a problem with until he derisively spat “faggots!” People rarely look at me and assume I’m a lesbian, but I froze, irrationally terrified I would be singled out in […]

What I’ve Noticed

Anti-vaxxers are a blast from the past – who knew whooping cough would still be killing people in developed countries in the 21st century? Important information that your intro stats professor likely didn’t mention. While cutting classes and entire programs, reducing pay for already underpaid professors, and laying people off right and left, my university […]