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A New Berry Go Round!

As of last week, there’s a new edition of Berry Go Round available.  The posts this edition are quite good, thanks to the discerning taste of the host.  My two favorites were a post on the resurrection fern by The Phytophactor and Ted MacRae’s post on pawpaw flowers.

Berry Go Round #17

Welcome to the 17th edition of Berry Go Round!  Before you get started here, you may want to check out the 16th edition hosted at Quiche Moraine.  It’s full of exciting posts on mutualism. GrannyJ’s A garland of leaves at Walking Prescott, is a beautifully illustrated post comparing the shapes and colors of a variety […]

Berry Go Round #9

Welcome to the 9th edition of Berry Go Round, your favorite botanical carnival!  This is my very first carnival hosting experience, so I hope you like it! I’m taking a plant morphology class this semester, and my professor has me a bit wary about the looming section on ferns with statements like “if you think […]

Spring Break, day 5: Lotusland part 3

The water garden used to be a swimming pool. Ganna Walksa, the creator of the garden, kept a narrow lane as a pool and filled the rest with water lilies. We weren’t there at the right time to see them blooming, but it was still a very calm part of the garden. Near the house, […]

Berry Go Round 4

The 4th edition of Berry Go Round is up at Foothills Fancies.  If you don’t have time to go read all the awesome entries, highlights are below: Biodiversity and health issues at Seeds Aside. New seed fern fossils found where we didn’t expect them (in time) at the Ethical Palaeontologist. I’m very jealous that Fred […]

What I’ve noticed (more than last week)

Sara Robinson writes about John McCain’s betrayal of the troops and how he’s paving the way for an army no one wants to see at Campaign for America’s Future. Drive by botany in New South Wales at The Reluctant Botanist. A short report on breast ironing in Cameroon at current tv. How drunk do you […]