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What I’ve Noticed


A woman fights off a man who assaults her and is assaulted by bystanders in retribution, via Feministing.

The Pill Kills – a new campaign of the American Life League.

That $600 isn’t going to help our economy and it certainly won’t help people who really need it.

7.2 million families holding sub-prime mortgages, disproportionately lower-income, black and Latino are in danger of losing their little bit of the American Dream.

37 million poor people (the definition of poverty for a family of 4 is an income of less than $20,000) can receive $600 a person and $300 per child if they have an income already. If not, then not.

In a society without justice such as ours, poor people, people with one foot out of poverty, and the working class are experiencing a crisis only guessed at on Wall Street where all the mischief began.

English as an official language has nothing to do with concerns about education and everything to do with racism and xenophobia.

Women do more housework than men in general.  What you may not have realized, is that men create a heck of a lot more of it for women to do, via (en)Gender.

the research shows women, of all ages with no children, on average do 10 hours of housework a week before marriage and 17 hours of housework a week after marriage. Men of all ages with no children, on the other hand, do eight hours before marriage and seven hours afterwards.

Live in Flagstaff?  Ride a bike?  Do this!

My new hero:

Since arriving at Stanford as a professor in 1995, Ms. Koller has led a group of researchers who have reinvented the discipline of artificial intelligence.

Hey, those old generals got paid to lie to you!

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