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I have a post up over on Tenure, She Wrote about how femininity is seen as an incompetent other in my workplace. I wanted to write more about the experience people with queer genders or trans people have, but that’ll have to wait for another post.

Things that bear repeating

sexual harassment in Academia is symptomatic of the larger-scale dysfunctionalities between the sexes in our culture, and any address of them must be grounded in the fundamental tenets of women’s liberation from Hope Jahren

Tenure, She Wrote

I’m really excited to be part of the new collaborative blog, Tenure, She Wrote. Check out the inaugural post on mentoring by Acclimatrix and read about all the other cool women involved.

Double bind

Young women in traditional colleges are responding to the need to be better educated than their male counterparts, even if that means working for less money. The women I interview are earning the most expensive, most contested of all college credentials not to be competitive but to survive. via Gender, Race, And Going To Class: […]

I get email and it’s good

You know I think you showed me the website  I read it about every day and know more about rape-culture than my thesis research. The person who emailed this to me was a colleague I worked with 5 years ago. I don’t think he would have called himself a feminist when we met. Feminists […]

How to make the world worse when communicating your research

At a workshop on media relations for scientists, we read the first page of a paper from a totally foreign field and wrote a headline and first paragraph for a news story on the study. It was pretty challenging, but fun, to think of attention-getting but accurate ways to convey research. Then the presenter, someone […]

What’s wrong with you young folks?

I was scolded a few years ago by an aging, white, male hippie about the music young people listen to today. Who was our Woodie Guthrie or Bob Dylan or Pete Seeger? I tried to convince him that there was a whole lot of music made after the 70s that protested injustice (hello, riot grrl!), […]