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What We Killed Thursday

Fitchia mangarevensis was endemic to Tarvai in the Gambier islands of French Polynesia. It was described by science in the 20s and studied through the 50s, but hasn’t been seen since. The Gambier islands have a long history of human environmental destruction.  While the Gambier islands once had a population of thousands, they can now […]

Berry Go Round #17

Welcome to the 17th edition of Berry Go Round!  Before you get started here, you may want to check out the 16th edition hosted at Quiche Moraine.  It’s full of exciting posts on mutualism. GrannyJ’s A garland of leaves at Walking Prescott, is a beautifully illustrated post comparing the shapes and colors of a variety […]

Threatened Thursday

Commindendrum rotundifolium, the Bastard Gumwood, was native to Saint Helena, but there are no longer any that survive in the wild.  One was discovered in the wild in the 80s, but it has since been destroyed in a gale.  The Royal Botanic Gardens at Edinburgh contain the only living specimens of this tree. While propagation […]