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Overturning Roe v. Wade: killing babies AND women

In light of the fact that John McCain thinks Roe v. Wade should be overturned and it looks like many people are actually going to vote for him, I thought I’d remind you why overturning Roe v. Wade is a very very bad idea.  I’ve written about it before, but this pre-Roe v. Wade doctor […]

What I’ve noticed (back to normal edition)

Abortionclinicdays proposes that a special notice to patients be displayed in places where caregivers are allowed to refuse reproductive care to women if it interferes with their religious rights.  It begins”I follow my own religious beliefs ahead of your medical needs.  Therefore, I will not support, offer, or approve any of the following checked off […]

What I’ve Noticed

A woman fights off a man who assaults her and is assaulted by bystanders in retribution, via Feministing. The Pill Kills – a new campaign of the American Life League. That $600 isn’t going to help our economy and it certainly won’t help people who really need it. 7.2 million families holding sub-prime mortgages, disproportionately […]


My school newspaper recently published an article on the debate surrounding Roe v. Wade.  I wrote a letter to the editor in response.  It was not published.  This confused gem about “liberal politics” did make the cut, though.  While I’ve discussed most of the things I bring up in the letter already on this blog,  […]

Hand it to the Catholics

While the price of birth control pills on college campuses in US has skyrocketed this year due to Bush’s Deficit Reduction Act, Brazil is looking to prevent unwanted pregnancy by subsidizing the pill. If our politicians really were interested in reducing abortions, they wouldn’t make it so difficult to prevent pregnancy.