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February 9, 2017
by sarcozona

Don’t bite off your nose to spite your face

Republicans Scramble for a Plan. And a Clue.

Obama thinks we should let the Republicans hang on the repeal of the ACA. That’ll feel good as long as you don’t think of the tens of thousands dying without healthcare and the many Americans who are paying thousands of dollars a year for health insurance they can’t afford to use.

I’d rather be able to throw a successful, socialist healthcare bill in Republican’s faces whenever they call socialism on basic social welfare, wouldn’t you? Call your representatives and ask them to vote for this single payer program.

And now Trump has it.

One of the more shameful aspects of the Obama presidency was watching liberals reverse-engineer reasons for why Bush-era security policies were now good, as they became Obama-era security policies. The most common rationale they landed on was the usual one about there being a tradeoff between security and privacy, and in a dangerous world we’ve simply got to give the spooks greater latitude (read: break whatever laws they want).

This argument is trash for many reasons, but among them is that it presents an incomplete picture of what is being sacrificed. Individual privacy is harmed by dragnet surveillance and unaccountable security agencies, but so is the basic democratic nature of the political system.

Source: This is how the American republic ends

February 6, 2017
by sarcozona

I’m moving from Bluehost to inmotion hosting. Depending on how much I fumble the process, there may be some times this site isn’t available in the next few weeks.