Women on the far right

Women may not always be very visible in far right movements, but they are absolutely part of it. The far right (in some places) is starting to make some concessions to women’s rights while emphasizing xenophobia, which attracts many (white) women who are playing more prominent roles in far right movements.

Scholars, policymakers and the media have made great strides in understanding the role of masculinity in attracting men to far-right groups. But we have paid less attention to the potential for (re)framing femininity, women’s role in the nation, or discussions of women’s right to be used for recruitment or radicalisation by far-right political parties and movements. There is also scant discussion of the potential for women’s anger, their greater vulnerability during economic crises, or how the disproportionate impact of public service cutbacks on women is influencing their support for far-right politics.

via Women are joining the far right – we need to understand why | Cynthia Miller-Idriss and Hilary Pilkington | Opinion | The Guardian

I’m always fascinated by the role right wing women play in constructing and reproducing the imagery of white supremacy and fascism – the obsession with nostalgia and an imagined recent and ancient past, gender roles, whiteness. For example.